Being a teenager is hard. From school, to extracurricular activities, to being constantly connected in a world dominated by social media, teens face struggles today that we as parents could have never imagined when we were their age.

Sometimes, our kids just need a little extra support as they navigate the stresses of high school. Maybe they’re suffering from some anxiety. Perhaps they’re taking a breakup or loss of a friendship really hard and are feeling down. Whatever the reason, Christian counseling for teenagers can help them to succeed, and to see their true worth and value.

Should I be Concerned About my Teenager?

Does your son or daughter:

  • Constantly worry?
  • Avoid other people or situations out of fear?
  • Experience panic attacks?
  • Appear constantly sad or withdrawn?
  • Seem like he or she has really low self-esteem?
  • Isolate himself or herself?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, it may be time to talk about helping your teen through counseling. Many teenagers feel like they’re walking through life feeling isolated and lonely. It’s common for young women and men to have trouble with low self-esteem, conflict with friends, fitting in and getting along with their parents. It’s difficult when feelings of anxiety or depression happen in the midst of all of that, too.


At the center of many problems teens face has to do with relationships — not only the relationship with other people, but the relationship they have with themselves. People in their teens are being shaped by the world and how they believe the world sees them. Christian counseling helps them to see who exactly God created them to be as they learn to love themselves for who they are and how they were created – in His image.

What to expect

Getting started is pretty easy. Simply schedule your appointment here, or call our office to schedule. There will be some paperwork for you and your child to fill out (or they’ll have to fill it out on their own if they’re 16 or older). At the first appointment, depending on their comfort level, the two of you can meet with us together, or he or she can meet on their own and discuss what they’re going through.

First and foremost, our offices are a safe space where young men and women are welcome to share anything that’s on their heart. It’s a place where people have talked about the good, the bad, and the ugly. In counseling, we’ll walk through the struggles your child is facing and look to see what brought them there. We’ll look at what God says about the situation and how He calls us to live. They’ll have the opportunity to learn about their needs – how to put them into words – and her strengths and weaknesses.

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Kansas Corley works with teens who are struggling at home and school.

"I help teenagers see their true worth and value so they have strength to handle life's challenges, as well as find ways to overcome them."
Jeff Harris works with teens who are facing challenges in life.

"I help young men and women find their purpose so they can move forward in life with success."

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