It's Okay

To Ask for Help

Maybe you’re here because you feel like there’s no hope left. And if we’re being honest, this may be your last-ditch effort before throwing in the towel. How many times have you laid in bed at night staring at the ceiling wondering how life got this way? Depression has replaced contentment. Anxiety is where fun used to be. Silence and regret are all that’s left of a life that used to be happy.

You want to actually live a day of your life without feeling like a failure. You’re dying to feel loved, and cherished, and appreciated. The thought of having to live another day like this is driving you to misery.

You are worthy of being loved. You have value. You have a specific purpose. There is hope for you, and life doesn’t have to keep being this way.

We can help you get it back.

We work with people who are tired of feeling stuck, just wishing they could have a more fulfilling life, and wishing they could remember what peace and joy felt like. If pain from the past and worries about the future are keeping you from enjoying the present, there’s hope for you.

The goal of Revive Christian Counseling is based on Romans 15:13: “May the God of Hope fill you with all peace and joy as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with Hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

No matter what you’ve been through, or what you’re going through right now, that hope isn’t out of reach for you. You’re in the right place. Taking time to look for options – and reach out for help – is the best place to start changing your life. Seeing a counselor doesn’t mean you’re weak. It means you’ve decided to be strong enough to realize you need to make a change. It may be a scary step, but we’re here to walk with you every step of the way.


Helping You Move Forward

ZAKK GAMMON, PHD, LCPC<br>Executive Director

Executive Director

Owensboro | Hartford | Online
270.926.6957 x 103
*Not currently accepting new clients.
Meet Zakk

JORDAN DAUGHERTY, LCPC, CTC<br>Clinical Director

Clinical Director

270.926.6957 x 105

Meet Jordan

KANSAS CORLEY, LCC, CTC<br>Clinical Team Leader

Clinical Team Leader

Owensboro | Hartford | Online
270.926.6957 x 106

Meet Kansas

JEFF HARRIS, LPCC, LCADC<br>Clinical Therapist

Clinical Therapist

270.926.6957 x 104

Meet Jeff

TAYLOR SKAGGS, CTC<br>Associate Therapist

Associate Therapist

270.926.6957 x 108

Meet Taylor

CYNDI MUPRHY, CTC<br>Associate Therapist

Associate Therapist

270.926.6957 x 107

Meet Cyndi

JUSTIN WALKER, CTC<br>Associate Therapist

Associate Therapist

Owensboro | Online
270.926.6957 x 109

Meet Justin

BLAIRE GAMMON, CTC<br>Managing Director

Managing Director

Owensboro | Hartford
270.926.6957 x 101

Meet Blaire

TERRIE GABIS, MFA<br>Office Manager

Office Manager

Owensboro | Hartford
270.926.6957 x 101

Meet Terrie

Getting Started

Revive Christian Counseling helps people through many situations, and has counselors on staff who specialize in various services to help people move forward. Here are a few of our most popular services:

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Surviving Marriage - Communication Counseling

Counseling for couples with communication issues is the core of the marriage counseling program at Revive Christian Counseling. Our proprietary process, Surviving Marriage helps couples get real results with practical exercises and goals to move forward successfully to get the relationship back on track.


From Betrayal to Healing™ - For Wives Only

From Betrayal to Healing™ is a 13-week program helping women find freedom from Betrayal Trauma after discovering their husband’s affair. This evidence-based program has helped countless women across the country and around the world begin finding true freedom.


Porn Addiction - Breaking Free & Staying Free

Breaking Free & Staying Free is a program dedicated to helping people struggling with porn & sex addiction finally find real, true freedom from pornography addiction, and help rebuild their relationship with their spouses and families, and finally walk away from pornography for good, and forever.


How We Help

At Revive Christian Counseling, we take a person-centered approach to help individuals, couples, and families find peace and freedom. We help people with:

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What People Are Saying

Former Client

Beaver Dam / ★★★★☆

"Kansas helped us learn to communicate and actually get through a disagreement without it turning into a fight. She helped save our relationship!"

Former Client

Utica / ★★★★★

"Zakk was able to help my husband find the REAL reason for his porn addiction and learn to manage the sexual addiction he faced. Now, our marriage is whole, we've found trust again, and our relationship is better than ever."

Former Client

Owensboro / ★★★★★

"Jeff taught me ways to put real changes in place so I could finally find an end to my drug addiction. He literally helped to save my life!"

Former Client

Hartford / ★★★★☆

"Before I met Jordan, my anxiety used to make me feel like I was going crazy. Then, she taught me how to manage my own negative thoughts and how to put things into place when I feel those thoughts happening. I don't have to live with the worry anymore."

Former Client

Hawesville / ★★★★☆

"Our son used to deal with a lot of anger, but Taylor has helped so so much with getting him to talk about his feelings and why he's mad. He's like a completely different kid."