Obviously, we always want to be happy in our relationships. Sometimes, though, they can be stressful. Stress, if not handled properly, can be detrimental to your relationship. Stress puts a huge amount of strain on the relationship.

People view the world differently. And no matter how similar you and your partner may be, you’re going to feel different about certain situations. As a couple, it’s very likely there will be many times over the course of your relationship that you fight and argue about something. This is especially true for newly-married couples just moving in together. The differences will become apparent and can definitely cause stress to rise to the surface. And although stressful situations and disagreements in relationships are inevitable, there are healthy ways you can go about getting things back on track:

#1. Take yourselves out of the situation.

Look at the situation through unbiased or objective eyes. Ask a trust friend (or yes, even a counselor!) for input – to help you see the situation clearly.

#2. Agree to disagree.

When you argue about something stressful, it’ll only cause more friction. Stop fighting about it. It’s only going to add more fuel to the fire and make things much more tense between the two of you. Seriously – you’re not going to prove the other person wrong. Listen, everybody has an opinion, and you certainly have a right to yours. But if you can’t come to an agreement, and it’s not life-altering, just drop it. Ask yourself: “Will this still be important five years from now?”

If your answer is no, make like Elsa and let it go.

#3. Attack the problem and solve it as a team.

In the event of a stressful situation that’s caused by something you CAN solve, take it on together. It brings you closer together with your better half and strengthens the bonds of your relationship. Once you’ve come up with a plan to solve your problem, you’ll have the help and support of your helpmate. Two minds really are better than one.

Stress is always going to be a part of your life. There’s no way of getting around it – life’s never going to be perfect. Continuing to allow this stress to have a place in your relationship will only cause the relationship to break down.

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