Not all relationships are meant to last forever. That can be a hard pill to swallow. But look at your friends. Do you think every person you’re friends with right now will still be as close five, ten, or fifteen years from now? Probably not, and that’s okay. People come and go out of your life constantly. As seasons change, perceptions change. Interests change. People change. It’s all a part of life.

But what about your relationship with your better half? If one of you change, are you just going to move on? How to have a successful relationship really depends on how much work you’re willing to put into it. The following traits have been found in many healthy, happy couples:

1. Being your partner’s best friend

Couples who are also friends have a lot of staying power. You’re not just in love with each other, but you sincerely like each other, too. You like doing things together, and

how to have a successful relationship

looking for new ways to have fun and exciting times together.

2. Having a sense of humor

When couples can laugh together, they also generally defuse any conflicts that may arise. Such things as silly nicknames can show how much they really care about each other. Couples who can laugh at themselves typically have a lasting potential.

3. Communication

Although it’s pretty obvious, a lot of couples have trouble with this one. If you can both express your feelings and feel safe about doing so, situations are usually dealt with pretty easily when they come up, rather than being swept under the rug only to resurface later.

4. Sharing chores

Couples who divide up household chores and/or parenting duties in a fair and agreed upon fashion typically don’t resent

each other. Each partner participates and contributes to their relationship.

5. Sexual intimacy

Partners who are having their sexual needs met feel cared for by each other. While there’s no right or wrong number of times to have sex, there may be a need to negotiate so no one feels neglected.

6. Affection

Couples who enjoy a lot of physical contact seem to be incredibly happy. This affection doesn’t always have to lead to having sex. It’s just a way of letting your partner know how much you love him or her. This can be a kiss, hug, or any other type of affection that’s genuine.

7. No criticism, defensiveness, or contempt

Any of these, whether only one or a combination of them of them, can tear a relationship apart. Don’t let them become a part of yours.

8. Having appropriate friends

Couples who socialize with other couples while also maintaining their own separate friendships have a better balance in their relationships. They honor themselves as individuals even though they’re in relationships. When you’re happy with yourself, you’re most likely happy in your relationship.

9. Being reliable

Most couples want to feel they can depend on their partners. If they do what they say they’ll do, this creates a feeling of comfort in knowing their words mean something.

10. Future vision

Couples who set goals for their relationships and know where they see themselves in the future are happiest, because they’re acting as a real team. They’re less likely to be disrupted by changes in the future.

When couples really work on how to have a successful relationship, and try to maintain these traits within them, they have a much better chance of making it in the long term. Which of these traits do you think you could work on in your relationship?

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