Congratulations! The question was asked, and the answer was yes! Now what? Sure, you’re getting ready for the wedding. You’re finding the perfect dress. You’re securing the best man, maid of honor, venue, guests, caterer, menu, and countless other details for the big day. You’re planning the honeymoon and where you’ll go. It’s all so exciting. But what happens after you get home for the honeymoon? Christian premarital counseling can help you find out.

Daviess County, KY has the third highest divorce rate in the entire countryThat’s not a typo. The THIRD highest divorce rate. Scary, right? It’s not because everybody in Daviess County sucks. It’s because nobody is taking the time to understand themselves and their expectations before getting married. Nobody is asking the tough questions. And when couples get into marriages without understanding these things, it’s not hard to see why things head south quickly.

It’s a hard fact to swallow, but you can’t just live on love. You’ve got to understand the differences between you and your future spouse, as well as problem areas that may arise. And it’s important to understand these things before you get married. It makes it much easier to handle these issues when they come up after you’re married.

The good news is Christian premarital counseling can help prepare you for your future wedded bliss.

Before Tying the Knot, Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Do we agree on the same theological beliefs?
    • What church will we attend?
    • What denomination?
  • Who’s going to manage the finances?
    • Which bank will you use? Will you have a joint account?
    • Who will make sure the bills are paid?
    • Who will set the budget?
  • What about kids?
    • Will you have them?
    • How many will you have?
    • Will one of you be staying home with them when they’re young, or will they go to daycare?
    • Will they go to public schools, private school, or be homeschooled?
  • Where will you live?
    • Will you rent an apartment or buy a house?
    • What type of home? How many square feet?
    • What neighborhood will it be in?
  • What’s your sex life going to look like?
    • How many times a week should a married couple have sex?
    • What types of things do you want to try in the bedroom?
    • How will you protect your heart and remain faithful to your spouse?
  • Who will be responsible for cleaning the house?
  • How will you come to a solution if you disagree on something?
  • How will you keep the spark alive if you feel it starting to slip?
  • How will you confide your fears, hopes and dreams?
  • What happens when the honeymoon stage ends?

Did you answer all of those? Great. Now, ask your fiancé those same questions. Are your answers exactly the same? Probably not. Don’t freak out. It’s normal to have differences of opinion about these questions. The problem is, most people don’t ask these questions before tying the knot.

Does this mean our marriage will fail?

Luckily, no.

The problem isn’t that marriage is terrible. It’s that each of us are inherently opinionated people, and we don’t always take the time to think about and discuss the things that are important before going into our marriage. Understanding these and many other issues will prepare you for the future with your partner.

How does this work?

Whether you’re coming to premarital counseling on your own, or you’re required to by your pastor before getting married, Christian premarital counseling will provide you the opportunity to come to resolution on all these questions, and more. It’ll help to prepare you for your life ahead, with all the beauty that a Godly marriage has to offer.

We’ll get you ready for the future by establishing the following:

  1. Building a strong, solid Biblical foundation for marriage.
  2. Learning how to create a successful dialogue.
  3. Explore any concerns about the upcoming relationship.
  4. Learn how to avoid temptation and avoid rationalizing premarital sex.

What if I have bad stuff in my past?

Who doesn’t? We’re not interested in making you feel shame or guilt about your past. Our goal is to help avoid some of the pitfalls and bad things that have happened before. We want to make sure you don’t fall into those traps or bad situations again.

Everybody has a past, but they also have a future. There’s no shame in talking about it, and our offices are a judgement-free zone. Past marriages, premarital sex, bad relationships with parents and more happen to a lot of people. But we’re more concerned with making your future successful, not reliving the problems of our past.


Our approach to premarital counseling is to help get you off on the right foot, and we’re looking forward to helping you prepare for the amazing life you’re going to spend together.

Jordan Daugherty, CTC works with engaged couples who are looking to make a great life together, and want to start off on the right foot.

Jordan believes love deserves a chance, and seeks to end the unbelievably high divorce rate. She wants to work with you to make your marriage as strong as it can be.

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