Helping you get your life back – with somebody who gets it.

Peer Support is a service designed to help you get encouragement, hope, and support from a trained professional who knows what you’ve been through – because they’ve been through it too. Peer Support Specialists are people who are specifically trained in substance abuse and addiction – but who have also successfully recovered from addiction.

Peer Support Specialists help with several aspects of daily life that can be a challenge when you’re working to get clean. They help with things like:

  • Helping to set personal goals
  • Being a support when you’re struggling
  • Offering guidance if you fear you may relapse
  • Helping you work with your counselor and/or case manager to achieve your treatment goals.

Peer Support Specialists excel in helping you meet the goals you make in counseling and case management, and can help you through life stressors.

Our Peer Support Specialists work with your treatment team to make sure you can put the best foot forward in your recovery journey.

Individual Counseling + Peer Support: A Perfect Match

Counselors and peer support specialists have different but complementary roles in client care. The therapist is trained in the use of evidence-based practices to help individuals achieve recovery. The peer support specialist draws from their own life experience to help a client see recovery is possible and to support them as they recover.

Therapists are typically trained to limit what they tell a client about themselves as their sessions focus on the therapeutic work of the client. In contrast, the peer support specialist shows a client recovery is possible by sharing their recovery story. Many clients are encouraged by being able to see recovery in action and what life can look like beyond their illness or addiction.

Individuals who are insured by Anthem Medicaid and Wellcare are eligible to receive Peer Support services at Revive Counseling Center.

To learn more about Peer Support services, please call our office at (270) 926-6957 or email