Most everyone has a natural urge to blow off steam. But sometimes the things we do to relax are unhealthy and harmful.

You never thought you’d be the person to have a drug problem. Drugs or alcohol were tools to help you kick your feet up and shed the stress of the day.

You’d get home from work, have a glass of wine or a little pot and just be until you were ready to tackle the second shift at home. Yet, somewhere along the way, one drink turned into five and it began to seem like you couldn’t get through the day unless you had it. You saw how much of your mental energy was devoted to thinking about getting drunk or high and you started to think maybe you could have a problem.

So now you’re focusing your energy on staying sober.

Most of the time you’re able to keep yourself from using. But there are still people and places that trigger you, and sometimes your sobriety feels like it is on shaky ground.

It’s important to you to figure out a way to cope with stress without drugs or alcohol, but when you stay clean, you get really irritable. Your family and friends have also mentioned that you seem a lot clearer since you decided to get sober and you want to keep your relationship with them healthy and strong.

You’re at the point where you’re ready to live a life without relying on substances.

What you’ll get with addiction counseling at Revive Counseling Center

  • You will feel a sureness about your sobriety
  • You will learn better ways to cope with a demanding life that don’t involve using substances
  • You will become aware of the emotions underneath your substance use such as shame or hurt and address them at the source
  • You will feel more connected to others in your life because you will keep your addiction from getting in the way of your relationships

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Counseling Program

Our Substance Abuse Program is best designed for those who understand how drugs and alcohol are negatively impacting them and want to stop using. Addiction treatment helps you understand what’s underneath the use, to help you establish sobriety from the inside out.

You’ll benefit from our program if:

  • You’ve recently left an inpatient treatment facility and want support staying sober
  • You’ve been court-ordered to participate in an Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Your drug or alcohol use has taken over your life.
  • Your friends and loved ones are concerned about your drinking or using

Our Program takes a multi-disciplinary approach with multiple healthcare providers, offering you the best approach to help you move forward.

This program consists of Individual Counseling, Group Therapy, Peer Support, and Case Management.

Full program benefits are currently available to individuals who are insured with WellCare and Anthem Medicaid.

It’s time to get your life back.

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