You and your partner are still in love. But life and its obligations have gotten in the way.

Neither of you wants to split up. But you believe the life you share with somebody should be lived with that person, not just spent in close proximity.

You and your partner knew you’d grow old together. You built a life together that both of you are proud of. You spend time together, go out with friends together, and have goals for your future.

Creating a connection based on the things you have in common, but still pursuing separate interests are two keys to having a dynamic and interesting relationship. But it’s easy to fall into repetitive routines after a while of doing the same thing.

Along the way, you and your partner lost sight of what was so special about your relationship. It simply became about getting through the day and you took for granted the fact that the other person would always be there. It’s starting to feel like your relationship is stuffy, boring, and stale.

Now you find yourself, still in love with your spouse, but searching for your spark.

The predictability of your life is making your relationship feel blah. It’s not that you and your partner treat each other badly, it’s just that neither of you seems invigorated by your partnership. It feels like your love has lost its romance and excitement.

Being extremely comfortable with your loved one says a lot about trust and dedication. But you had no idea you’d end up feeling like roommates with the person you love. You never predicted you’d be bored by someone who once lit up your life. And you certainly didn’t expect to wonder if this was all your relationship was ever going to be.

The two of you are happy enough now, but you want this relationship to be the best it can be.

What you’ll get from Couples Therapy at Revive Counseling Center:

  • You’ll be able to communicate effectively, without every difficult conversation turning into an argument.
  • You won’t have to feel like you need to avoid those difficult topics just to keep the peace.
  • You’ll learn to really enjoy being around your spouse again.
  • You’ll be able to reconnect and find peace and joy in your relationship.
  • Your relationship with God will improve.

What the process looks like:

The process usually begins with weekly appointments that are usually around 45-50 minutes. Therapy is best done with at least a six-week commitment. We find that folks who can’t commit to at least six weeks and meet less than weekly tend to have more difficulty, and the process isn’t as effective. After six weekly sessions, you and your therapist can discuss your treatment goals, and determine if you should continue weekly, move to bi-weekly appointments, or determine if ending therapy is the next step.

Coming Together

It’s always beneficial when both spouses can commit to the counseling process, but that isn’t always possible.  Sometimes it’s a scheduling issue, an issue of work, or because the other person believes he or she doesn’t need to come to counseling. But a lot people can benefit from coming to marriage counseling, even if their spouse doesn’t join them. Don’t let the other person’s inability or refusal to come hold you back.

Let’s work together

The following providers offer Counseling Bored Couples at Revive Counseling Center:

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Kansas Corley

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