You’re looking to jump start the connection in your relationship, and to rediscover that spark with your spouse.

From the outside, it looks like you’ve got it all – a home, a family, a great marriage, and awesome friends. But you never expected the pressure you’d feel trying to keep up the facade.

You and your spouse always thought you’d have it all. You’ve worked hard to get where you are. But the harder you’ve worked, the busier you’ve become. Somewhere along the way, you lost sight of what was so special about the relationship. You got so caught up in the day-to-day that you can’t make time for each other anymore. It’s not like it was intentional – but here you are nonetheless.

You know you’re not perfect, but you also know that you can get your marriage back to the place where it’s supposed to be.

The Revive Christian Counseling Half-Day Couples’ Intensive Program is a four-hour intensive couples counseling session that provides you with six to eight weeks worth of therapy in a single half-day, generally on a Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon.

Here’s what you get with a Revive Christian Counseling Couples’ Intensive

  • You’ll get several hours of counseling work specific to your relationship.
  • You’ll jump start the recovery of your relationship to get things back on track.
  • You’ll learn skills to communicate effectively, and get the emotion and passion back.
  • You’ll get real relationship-building tools to take with you.
  • You’ll walk away better prepared to handle challenges that come up in the future.

This program is designed exclusively for you if you really love your spouse, and you’re willing to take a day to focus completely on the relationship. Couples who make this process a priority find a lot of success.

You and your spouse will benefit from the Couples’ Intensive if:

  • Your kids, your family, or your work gets more attention than your relationship
  • You’re not sure how you got so detached from the other person and desperately want to get things back on track.
  • You want to help fix the problems in your marriage and need something that fits your busy schedules
  • You are invested in improving the relationship and want a springboard that sends you in the right direction.
  • You want to continue the work you learn here when you get home.

There are a few situations where you and your partner might not be ready for the Couples’ Intensive Session. These situations include:

  • Current domestic violence
  • Ongoing infidelity
  • An inability to dedicate half a day to focus on the relationship

If any of those things are a current issue for you, you may benefit from one of our other therapy services.

When you complete the half-day couples’ intensive at Revive Christian Counseling, you’ll leave with a better understanding of your relationship, some new skills to enhance your relationship, and take away materials which include notebooks to take notes during the session, handouts, worksheets, and booklets, and a copy of a personalized report, so you can continue to grow as a couple after your intensive is complete. Many couples find that after their intensive, they’re better prepared to work on their relationship on their own. 

What to expect

Here’s a guide of what our day will look like:

  • The First Half-Hour: GETTING TO KNOW YOU – we’ll work together to get some background information about your relationship and to get a good understanding of what brings you to counseling. We’ll talk about how you met, your dating experience, marriage, transitions (like becoming parents or moving), and the ups and downs of your relationship.
  • The Second Half-Hour: INDIVIDUAL INTERVIEWS – you’ll spend about 15 minutes alone with the therapist to get a good understanding about you as an individual, while your spouse waits in our comfortable waiting room. We’ll talk about your concerns about the relationship, and how you’d like to move forward.
  • The Second Hour: ASSESSMENT RESULTS – we’ll spend time together discussing the results of an assessment we’ll have each of you complete before you come in. This assessment paints a picture of each of you as individuals – your strengths, weaknesses, behaviors, actions, etc. This information gives us a blueprint of how God created you, and the way you view the world. We’ll use this information to give both of you concrete information you can use to effectively communicate with each other, and ways to handle disagreements when they come up in the relationship. You’ll be able to take home a full report of this information that you can look over in the future as you continue this process of growth.
  • The Third Hour: THE SPECIFICS – We’ll deep-dive into your relationship, and walk through the points of contention and communication struggles, as well as any intimacy concerns that come up over the course of your relationship. We’ll talk about how to put the results from your assessment to use, and how to find resolution to disagreements or frustrations. We’ll look at the way you and your spouse have communicated previously, and find ways to change those struggles. We’ll break down your cycle of communication, and learn how to rebuild it to make it healthy and effective.
  • The Fourth Hour: SKILL-BUILDING – We’ll wrap up the last hour of the intensive session by providing real tools to help you move forward. We’ll focus on one or two skills based off the information from your assessments that you and your spouse can take home with you to continue working and moving forward.


While not a requirement, we highly encourage couples to come back for a standard marriage counseling appointment within three to four weeks of the intensive to discuss how things are progressing, and to see if we need to make any additional small changes moving forward.

The Cost

The cost of the Half-Day Couples Intensive is $500. We require 50% of the fee (a $250 non-refundable deposit) when scheduling the intensive. Because of the work required by your therapist to prepare for the intensive and because the therapist must schedule a large block of time for the intensive, we enforce a 72-hour cancellation policy for couples’ intensives, and must charge the remaining $250 of the fee if you cancel within 72 hours of the appointment.

Getting Started

Scheduling a couples’ intensive is quick and easy. To schedule, fill out the form at the bottom of the page. You’ll be asked for some contact information, your therapist preference, and your preferred day you’d like to schedule. The therapist will reach out to confirm the time, and will send you some information to complete before the intensive.

Clinicians who offer the Half-Day Couples Intensive:

Zakk Gammon, PhD

Zakk Gammon, PhD, LCPC, BCMFT



270.926.6957 X 103

Dr. Zakk Gammon is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, Board Certified Marriage & Family Therapist and Advanced Certified Temperament Counselor serving clients in our Owensboro office.


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Jordan Daugherty, lcpc, ctc



270.926.6957 x 105

Jordan Daugherty is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor and Certified Temperament Counselor serving clients in our Owensboro office.


Meet jordan


Kansas Corley, LCC, CTC


Owensboro | Hartford | Online

270.926.6957 x 106

Kansas Corley is a Licensed Pastoral Counselor and Certified Temperament Counselor serving clients in our Owensboro, Hartford, and Online offices.


Meet kansas


Jeff Harris, lpcc, lcadc, CTC



270.926.6957 x 104

Jeff Harris is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Licensed Clinical Alcohol & Drug Counselor, and Certified Temperament Counselor serving clients in our Owensboro office.


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