Kids sometimes have bad days. They may throw a tantrum or feel sad. Sometimes they don’t follow the rules and expectations of their parents. It’s all a normal part of a child’s development. However, sometimes children struggle. Maybe they’re having a hard time in school. Perhaps they’re having a hard time adjusting to a divorce, or a new family situation. It could be that they’re struggling with friendships and relationships with other kids.

Our kids can struggle, too.

A child is one of the greatest, most perfect gifts from God. And we’re called to nurture, protect and guide our children. The sad reality, though, is that we don’t live in a perfect world. As a result, kids suffer from the same spiritual, emotional and physical trouble that we each experience as adults. Children have to sometimes deal with things like loss, abuse and trauma. They have to learn how to handle and navigate relationships just like we do as grown ups.

How can counseling help?

We’ll work with your child to help find what’s causing them to feel anxious, depressed or rebellious. We’ll work with them to understand their emotions and handle them in a healthy way. We realize that kids don’t process things the same way as adults do, so we don’t limit ourselves to just “talk” therapy. With options like play therapy, drawing, writing and artistic expressions, we’ll work with your child to learn to share what they’re feeling and experiencing in life.

Sometimes, parents need help too.

This process is to help your child move forward, but we know this is hard on you, too. We’ll work with you to understand the specific needs of your child, and how to best handle your situation going forward. We’ll work with you through parenting tips and support as we find the best solution for your most precious family members.

How does this work?

The first appointment is for parents/guardians only. We ask that you come without your child to the first appointment so that we can meet and discuss together to understand what your child is facing and struggling with. It’s sometimes difficult to talk about adult issues with a child present, and meeting you with your child the first time is not ideal.

At your second appointment, we like to meet with you and your child together. As you’ve undoubtedly seen with your own child or with other children, it sometimes takes a while to build up confidence and trust. Together, we’ll meet with you and your child to make introductions and to get a feel for their personality and level of comfort with therapy.

Typically, starting with the third appointment, we ask that you allow us to work with your child one-on-one, which typically means that parents wait in the waiting room. As we develop our relationship with your child, it’s important for them to be able to express themselves in the way that they truly feel, and it is sometimes difficult to do that with a parent present.

There’ll be times throughout the counseling process that we may ask for a few minute of your time as the parent, or we may ask for you to come alone to a session to discuss your child’s development.

Let’s work together

The following providers offer Counseling for Children at Revive Counseling Center:

Kayla Embry

Kayla Embry

Associate Counselor
Owensboro | Morgantown | Online
270.926.6957 ext. 115

Out of Network with Insurance
Private Pay Rate Per Session: $40

Justin Walker

Justin Walker

Pastoral Counselor
Owensboro | Hawesville | Online
270.926.6957 ext. 109

Out of Network with Insurance
Private Pay Rate Per Session: $85