We desire to serve you through your situation, and making services affordable to you is our goal.

We respect and appreciate your financial situation, and realize that the full rate of $105 for counseling services may not be financial feasible for you. In these situations, the following sliding scale will assist you in finding the appropriate amount for each counseling session.


Weekly Household Income Fee Per Session

Payment is due at the time of service. While our practice does not bill insurance, you may be entitled to “Out of Network” benefits with your insurance provider. In some cases, your insurance company will reimburse you for part of your services. These reimbursements typically range between 35%-75% of the cost of counseling services.

If you’re interested in using your insurance services, we can supply you with a “Superbill” that you may submit to your insurance company if you would like to work with them directly.

Many Flex Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts will also help pay for services. An invoice is emailed to you after each appointment, and you may submit it to one of these accounts if you choose. Additionally, if your FSA or HSA provided you with a debit card, we can process payment from most cards right in our office.

Please note: We cannot guarantee reimbursement by your insurance company, FSA, or HSA. It is up to each company and provider to determine if they will reimburse you.

You’ll be required to provide a copy of your last two pay stubs for verification of income. For special budget concerns and questions about fees, please contact the office.