Handling difficult situations, crises and frustrating people is a major source of stress for organizational leaders. The Leadership Lifeline program equips your senior leadership team with training on human behavior and how to utilize the strengths and talents of individuals, while also helping them improve on their weaknesses. You’ll have the opportunity for easy access to consulting with professional counselors when situations arise.

The process begins by scheduling some time to discuss with us the challenges you’re facing, or the challenges you’re anticipating. Then, you and your other leaders will have the opportunity to take Creation Therapy, a course in human behavior. Creation Therapy teaches you how each person is created as an individual, and also how to manage the challenges of others while celebrating their successes as well.


Creation Therapy teaches the Arno Profile System, an in-depth report for each individual to whom you administer the report, giving you, the leader, specifics into the person’s thought processes, patterns and behaviors.

Following completion of the course, you’ll have lifetime access to a counselor on our staff who you can email and get a quick response any time you run into an issue with your staff or members and need assistance navigating.

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