Organizations with stressed, burnt out employees have higher rates of turnover and lower rates of productivity. We’ll happily come to your your business, church or organization and provide a free 15-minute assessment for each employee and/or member, helping them to determine whether or not they need counseling services. If so, we’ll work with them to develop a plan to pursue wellness. We’ll even discount their rate, just because you sent them our way.

Getting started is pretty simple:

  • Reach out to Dr. Zakk Gammon, Practice Administrator, at (270) 926-6957 or
  • We’ll work together to schedule a day for a therapist from Revive Christian Counseling to come to your organization.
  • Before we come, we’ll send you an employee or member sign-up sheet to select a time for the wellness screening.
  • We’ll meet with those individuals, get a good understanding of what, if any, challenges they’re facing, and make an appropriate referral for counseling or other services they may need.
  • If they decide to schedule an appointment with Revive Christian Counseling, we’ll get them scheduled while we’re meeting with them, and will provide a discount to their rate, just because you sent them over.