Revive Christian Counseling finds its success because of the people and communities we serve. 

We want to help your people thrive, which helps your entire organization thrive. An Impact Partnership establishes a strategic relationship between Revive Christian Counseling and your organization. It’s specifically designed for organizations that are looking for ways to put their resources to use for good with a partner they trust.

What we’ve learned in our work over the years is that a partnership focused on mental health and well-being communicates to your people that their needs are important to you and that you care about helping them reach their fullest potential – not just because it helps the organization’s bottom line – but because each person matters.

Partnership Options

These are the ways churches, businesses and organizations partner with Revive Christian Counseling to make major community impacts:

Leadership Lifeline

Handling difficult situations, crises and frustrating people is a major source of stress for organizational leaders. The Leadership Lifeline program equips your senior leadership team with training on human behavior and how to utilize the strengths and talents of individuals, while also helping them improve on their weaknesses. You’ll have the opportunity for easy access to consulting with professional counselors when situations arise.

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On-Site Therapist

Statistics show that people are more likely to seek therapy from a source that gives them easy access to a person they trust. With an on-site therapist, you provide the space, and we’ll provide the therapist to meet your organization’s unique needs. We’ll work together to determine appropriate rates, and provide the people you refer with an even deeper discount to counseling services.

Affordable Counseling | Donations

The realization that you need therapy is a big deal. The realization that a Christian organization can help integrate your healing in your faith is a relief. But the realization you can’t afford the care you desperately need can be devastating. Local organizations, businesses and churches seek to ease this burden by offering tax-deductible donations to Revive Christian Counseling. You’re welcome to set aside funds and create the criteria for how you see fit. Or, you can simply make a donation and allow us to utilize the funds to help clients.

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Employee Wellness Screenings

Organizations with stressed, burnt out employees have higher rates of turnover and lower rates of productivity. We’ll happily come to your your business, church or organization and provide a free 20-minute assessment for each employee and/or member, helping them to determine whether or not they need counseling services. If so, we’ll work with them to develop a plan to pursue wellness. We’ll even discount their rate, just because you referred them and sent them our way.