The realization that you need therapy is a big deal. The realization that a Christian organization can help integrate your healing in your faith is a relief. But the realization you can’t afford the care you desperately need can be devastating. Local organizations, businesses and churches seek to ease this burden by offering tax-deductible donations to Revive Counseling Center. You’re welcome to set aside funds and create the criteria for use by how you see fit. Or, you can simply make a donation and allow us to utilize the funds to help clients.

At Revive, we seek to offer affordable options to help make therapy accessible. However, there are times when our discounted rates are still too much for people to afford. Local businesses and churches help fill the gap by donating to our organization to help cover the cost of services.

Some churches choose to cover some or all of the cost for members they refer to Revive. Other times, businesses will set donate funds to us that are to be used for a specific purpose, such as services specific to couples, or perhaps helping people specifically struggling with addiction. Others choose to send us a monthly gift and ask that we use it to serve as many clients as possible. The appropriation is completely up to you.

We make it convenient to securely donate by offering several options:

As a non-profit organization, all donations to Revive Counseling Center are tax-deductible.